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Pediatric Chiropractic in North York

kids adjusting tableParents often seek Chiropractic care for their children for a variety of concerns, whether that be postural, pain-related, or simply just for a wellness check-up.  Children are exposed to many physical stressors throughout their childhood, including the process of being born, learning to walk, bumps on the head and falls on the playground.

Chiropractic care is a gentle, non-invasive way of restoring optimal spinal alignment to remove nervous system interference so that kids can grow up healthy and strong—like a tall, straight tree that was planted properly, and nourished during growth.

Our Approach to Care

Dr. Stacey has been providing gentle care tailored to kids from newborns on up for over 15 years. The examination process involves different examinations from our adult assessments.

The adjustments themselves are also different. For babies, we use a gentle sustained touch that is about the same pressure you might use to check a tomato for ripeness. As children get older, we use Activator Methods®, a gentle, instrument-assisted adjustment.

Dr. Stacey is a mom, and she knows how to relate with kids. Often, infants sleep right through their adjustments—or else smile with relief when their neck feels better. Older kids, however, can sometimes be nervous, especially if they expect to get a shot, like at the pediatrician’s office.

We’re patient with kids and let them warm up to the idea at their own pace. Dr. Stacey will show them the Activator and let them use a toy Activator to adjust Mom or Dad. She’ll talk to them at their eye level and reassure them it’s always their choice. We’ll never force an adjustment on anyone of any age.

Benefits of Care

Restoring proper spinal alignment and removing nervous system interference can help babies’ bodies function at their highest level, reducing musculoskeletal conditions and improving overall wellness.

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